The workouts are meant to be well rounded swimming workouts. Each person can customize them for their needs (such as tapering when a tri or meet is coming up or reducing yardage for a recovery week.)

The workouts for the week will include kicking, pulling, pace, sprint, breath control and drills. Depending on the input from the group there will most likely be stroke or IM. Periodically we will due timed swims for benchmarking.

The workouts will be posted on the facebook group, so if you can’t make the workouts (due to work or simply can’t drag yourself out of bed) then feel free to do them on your own.

The workouts will be designed so that everyone will start the sets at the same time. Everyone will finish about the same time. The group will wait until all lanes are complete before moving to the next set. As such you can change groups for each set so that you can challenge yourself as little or as much as you want.

Drill will usually be done with short fins to help keep the body in the correct position.

Most of the time drill choice will be up to you. (See the coach if you need help on selecting drills)

Kicking can be done with long fins (if you have them) or short fins – unless you are kicking breaststroke.

Pulling may be done with paddles for strength (if you have them) or without paddles for speed/warm up.

The workouts will show:

  • The number of repeats, distance and intervals
  • The description of the set. Click here for terminology.
  • The 100 average time will be shown in the description field next to each group. This is the goal average to get the expected rest. This can be used to determine which group to swim with. Find a group that has an average that suits you.
  • The time for the set (padded for rest/socialize between sets and directions) and the running time are shown. Use the running time to determine when you will have to get out. Since most have to get out 60-70 minutes into the workout – I will do my best to have the set complete around 60 minutes so people won’t have to get out in the middle of a set.)
  • The distance columns show the distance for the groups.